This is the conference announcement board. All changes regarding the schedule of the conference (i.e. cancellation of presentations, change of rooms, etc.) will be updated here.

To request any changes, cancellations, amendments, please send an email on the following email address:

Important notes:

  • The CTSET2022 Conference Abstract Book will printed and published after acceptance notification. Any changes to the book will not be applied after the notified deadline. In case you need to change and publish any parameters of your talk or poster presentation, please inform the technical committee via email Any such changes will be published here.
  • In order to avoid confusion, the database containing data for generating theĀ individual program will be frozen based on all updates and changes committed before March 30, 2022. Therefore, the changes that are shown on this page have to be partly taken into account as they all will not be part of the database of the individual program.